Kogamu Beta Key Giveaway


The newest MMO from Playdom is going into its second beta phase on Wednesday of next week, or August 25th.

Kogamu is being announced as the first true Facebook-based MMO currently online and therefore offers more story depth and game features than traditional social games.

For hardcore gamers, Playdom says that Kogamu is just like their favorite MMORPG except it’s portable and no download is required to play.

Alright, so now here is the really interesting part: MMOcrunch, thanks to Playdom, has come into possession of -two thousand- second phase beta keys for Kogamu.  Application links are located on
the game page, hurry before we run out!

[imagebrowser id=201]


  1. Oohh… I’ll try this out when I have time. This looks pretty good for facebook. Hope there are virtual goods to sell.

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