Exclusive Interview: Heroes of Newerth 3.0 with MilkFat (Video)

Competition, it drives us humans something fierce. The desire to reign supreme over one another. To flex physical or neurological muscle in an effort to show one’s prowess. Tapping into this human emotion is a major driving force behind the success of the multiplayer online battle arena genre as a whole. It tends to work pretty well.

Heroes of Newerth is one of the games that takes full advantage of this inspirable notion. It certainly hooked Sam Braithwaite, better known by his profession eSports name ‘MilkFat.’ Now the Commissioner of eSports for S2 Games, Braithwaite was happy to discuss the game that brought him so much notoriety during PAX East 2013.

With the season finals going on in the background, Braithwaite details the latest patch for HoN. Focused on quality-of-life changes, including an all-new new player initiative, S2 Games believes HoN 3.0 will be more accessible and enjoyable for all. As MilkFat details, it’s only going to get better from here.

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