Exclusive RaiderZ Interview: Monsters, Challenge & Dungeons

Is that enough booty for you?
Is that enough booty for you?

LoreHound: First of all, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions for us! We’re new to the game so we’ll start with the basics. Care to start by telling us about you? Who are you and what do you do? And of course, what’s your favorite monster?

Junhyung Kim: Hi, my name is Junhyung Kim and I’m the Game Producer for RaiderZ.

I love all of the Epic Monsters in RaiderZ since each monster has very different and complex attack patterns. If I had to choose one favorite, though, I would choose the “Goblin Golem”. The Goblin Golem can be found in Rengot Village. He is an incredibly challenging foe since he can smash, pounce, kick, grab and throw players! If you’re not careful, you might lose a lot of HP!

LH: One of the things that caught my eye is the focus on community. There is obviously a great deal of focus on grouping in this game – RaiderZ‘s tagline itself is a command to band together. I think this is a great thing, but is there anything for the solo player? Can I still progress if I’m on my own?

JK: Players will be able to progress through most of the game on their own. However, epic monsters will pose a challenge to those who choose to solo. It is advised that players form groups in order to defeat these Epic Monsters.

LH: Is RaiderZ driven more by character or player skill? Could completely new players join up with an experienced group immediately if they’re good enough, or should they spend time leveling skills and acquiring gear first?

JK: RaiderZ is a challenging game and success relies heavily on players’ skills. However, having good equipment will make progressing through the game much easier. As players naturally progress through each different map, they will be able to acquire materials to craft stronger weapons and armor relative to their levels. While upgrading to new gear is beneficial, it is not necessary.

LH: “Build a custom character” is like music to my ears. How will this affect group dynamics? Could a group of players all with primary tank specs take out an epic monster, or will a more balanced party be needed?

JK: Slaying Epic Monsters in RaiderZ is no easy feat! Each monster has its own random attack pattern, which includes dangerous grapples and devastating AoE attacks. Having a balanced team will be very beneficial since each player will be able to fill a certain role in these Epic Monster fights.

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LH: I’m curious about the dungeons. In the Dev FAQ 2, there is mention of dungeons and mini dungeons. What are the differences between the two? Are mini dungeons mini because they’re shorter, or mini because they require fewer players?

JK: Mini Dungeons can be soloed since they are much shorter and much easier than full-scale dungeon instances. There are many mini dungeons that appear throughout the quest line. Larger dungeons will require a full team, since many of the monsters in these dungeons are elite mobs.  We are currently planning for raid dungeons which will require a team of 10 to 15 players. These raid dungeons will have special rare materials that will be used to craft powerful weapons and armor.

LH: I’ll close out with one of my personal favorite game activities: crafting. Can you tell us more about crafting in RaiderZ? Will it be the primary source of gear upgrades? Do monsters drop weapons and armor in addition to crafting materials or crafting materials only? Will dedicated crafters be able to focus primarily on crafting and make names for themselves if they want or will everyone want to do some of their own crafting? Are there crafting professions, or can I learn to make everything if I take the time?

JK: Since there are no special skills required for crafting, all players will be able to utilize the conquest crafting system of RaiderZ. Players acquire crafting materials from monsters and can create weapons and armor at an Artisan NPC. These Artisan NPCs can be found mainly in towns, but a few rare Artisans are hidden throughout the world of Rendel. As players level up, they will battle against stronger monsters that will drop better crafting materials. It is important to craft new and better gear in order to have an extra edge in battle. Of course, the best materials are dropped by the Epic Monsters.

LH: Thanks so much for your time. Can’t wait to dive in the game. You know, once I get Alpha Test access!

JK: Thank you and I hope you all enjoy our Alpha test!

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