Exclusive Video Interview: Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons 2012 Offerings

Being the preeminent symbol of nerdom for nearly 40 years, the Dungeons & Dragons franchise is one of the deepest universes in all of the nerdom. With novels, source books, dozens of video games including Dungeons & Dragons Online and Neverwinter, and hordes of other licensees, the franchise is far from complete.

Marketing Brand Manager Laura Tommervik displayed the full set of just-released and upcoming materials to iTZKooPA recently. To purchase the full table of goodness would be expensive, but there is truly something for everyone, from the Encounters program to lore compendiums to a massive novel by R.A. Salvatore that acts as the third book in the Neverwinter saga. Even more impressive than the breadth of D&D products is the continuity across licensees. Much of what’s available or soon to be available focus on Lolth and her drow army.

Hit the jump for the four minute run down of activities to be a part of in the fleshy and digital world.