Exclusive: World of Warplanes Interview: Public Beta in June!

Wargaming.net’s next free-to-play MMO game is on its way and this time the guys take to the skies in World of Warplanes. CEO, Victor Kislyi takes some time to talk to iTZKooPA at PAX East 2012 about what players can expect when the game launches.

The big reveal was that World of Warplanes will be hitting public beta some time around E3, which is planned for June 5th. Victor states, “more of an open public kind of beta…E3 time, plus or minus a couple of weeks.” 

On the business side of it, we learn that WoWP will follow the same business model as World of Tanks, with little to no variation in it. This of course makes sense; don’t change something if it’s not broken.

The guys talk more about plane models, selection and maps sizes; again Wargaming.net is sticking with WoT’s 15 vs 15 player size maps.  As well as some of the combat and environmental aspects of the game.

Check out the full World of Warplanes interview below.


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