Extended Vacation Doesn’t Mean I Died

Hey Lore Hounds! I’ve missed you all!

As the title and Agent K says: No, I’m not dead. I just went home.

In the second week of February, I had a hard drive failure that took up until now to get completely fixed replaced and all working. I was unable to post things (had about 5 ideas rolling around a week) due to any computer  surprisingly not being able to run the software we use.

However, that’s all gone! I still managed to keep my snout down in plenty of lore and forthcomings in the world, and am excited to see TERA launched! Congratulations to En Masse Entertainment & Bluehole Studios. Best of luck in the first year, and the years to come.

Now for the news about what I’ve done in the meantime that I was gone.

Currently, I’m continuing a project I’m working on (which should be on Kickstarter this summer) to produce my first card game. There should be a video in the short days to come showing what it is, with more information available.

I’m also working on the framework for an iOS game that will be produced by the same team that’s helping me create the card game. We will be forming a company together as a new indie games company to begin with.

Actual Minecraft productivity (you know – sitting in Creative Mode making cool stuff), has halted as we tried to find a backup that wasn’t corrupted or gone to work on the Server. We found one, have joined the worlds into one file, and are working on getting it up and stable for an open alpha stress test! Yes, around Saturday, May 12th, 2012, you will be given access to the Lore Hound server to see all the content yourself, and to give data for us to crunch later on. More information will be available closer to the day.

For those who were interested in Minecraft Adventures, the next episode will be posted by the end of next week – right before the stress test!

What have I been doing game playing wise for the last almost 2 months you say? I’ve been on a huge nostalgia run. With GameFly now under my belt, I ordered Kingdom Hearts for PS2 because I had never fully completed it. Part way through, I also put on my queue Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, GTA: San Andreas, and others. I’ve just finished them up. Yay pre-high school years!

I hope what I’ve said has made you twitch for more as you await the news, as I’m excited to share all of this new stuff with you! Keep an eye out in the weeks to come for all those details.


  1. welcome back! i know the stress and time it takes to produce your own game. im currently working with 6 other guys to make our own video game. good luck…your going to need it.lol

  2. It’s actually less stressful than anyone thought of. The majority of the stress right now is just initial capital investment since it’s our first product.

    We have 2 iOS games planned after this first tabletop Arena RPG card game is done – which will be openly shared here with all of you for play testing when it’s available.

    There’s 3 of us on the core team, with 2 others who are company play testers and side designers. It’s going to be some fun times ahead.

    The play testing for the current game we’re on should be available for play testing in the next month or two. I’ll have more information in the video later this week.

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