Fallen Earth F2P Release Date Revealed

Yesterday GamersFirst revealed the launch date for the free-to-play version of Fallen Earth will be October 12. Also revealed was the most “finalized” version of the new subscription plans were are split into 4 types, Scavenger, which is free, Survivalist, Wastlander and Commender, which have costs of $9.99, $14.99 and $29.99 per month respectively.

The biggest difference between the free plan and subscription plans is the rate at which you gain XP, and other rates of achievements such as AP and Faction points.  Free players are also limited to how many hours per day they can spend crafting, which is eight, so that should only really effect a tiny portion of players.

After the jump we have the full subscription plan details compassion chart for you to take a look at.  Keep in mind this is not the official final version, so things can still change.

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  1. I just joined after more than a three-year hiatus, but I loved this games then, and wanted in on the F2P goodness… I can’t believe it’s going to be later than I thought, but I guess it’s better later than never!

    I am planning on bringing more of my friends to play, and should they like the gameplay, then there should be no problems and metric tonnes of opportunity!

    I can’t wait for FULL F2P!

    Here’s seeing you online!


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