PAX Prime 2011: Day 3 – Freestyle Interviews and Bored Booth Babes

PAX Prime 2011 is now at a close after day 3, but not without some last executions for skipping lines, getting torched by a flamethrower, and cool statues coming to life.

While filming the Rayman interview at the very vibrant and colorful Ubisoft booth, the Just Dance 3 music was playing and Mordil couldn’t get enough of it to resist from dancing. Just like Beararms who couldn’t resist picking up a “pimp” cane and hat to pose for a profile picture.

Finally, as the last homage to PAX, as people were getting kicked out and lights turned on, the employees at the Hi-Rez Studios booth had a little fun with extra promotional stickers by placing them on none other than unsuspecting Mordil. Toting around stickers everywhere in random places on his body, Mordil showed his Hi-Rez love by doing free advertising for 3 blocks to the car for the drive home.

Check out the gallery and FireFall’s animated statue after the break. Stay tuned for a full FireFall interview later this week.