The Secret World Release Date Revealed (Briefly)

Early this morning the fans of Funcom‘s upcoming mmorpg, The Secret World, had an excited moment when reported a release date had been given at last: April 24th. Ragnar Tornquist, The Secret World‘s senior producer, had apparently announced this date at a Norwegian conference, and it was quickly broadcast across the net for the fans who are eagerly awaiting any news about the game. After a flurry, puzzlement ensued when the article and the tweet disappeared.

The article later reappeared in a slightly edited form. It turns out the announcement was premature; Funcom later produced a press release stating that the April 24th date was only an internal goal. “April 2012” is still the official date.

Funcom has previously announced the launch month for the game to be April 2012 and wants to stress that there is currently no change or update on the expected time for commercial launch of “The Secret World“.

For those following the game, April 24th has been and remains the expected release date. A poster in The Secret World‘s official forums explains why this makes such a great date for the anticipated release. It’s unofficial, of course, but the logic is sound, and now it’s been paired with a premature and unofficial announcement. Personally, I’m hoping this is the day. It’s just a few days after my birthday, so I can get my partying out of the way before settling down to enjoy my gift to myself.

What do you think? Is this a likely date? Will we get our hands on something official soon, or will the game be delayed?

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