Faxion Online Closed Beta Giveaway

Faxion Closed Beta

Good or evil, good or evil… I just can’t decide! But you get too! Faxion Online has begun its closed beta and is giving away the keys to Heaven… and Hell. It seems that flights of angels and a divergence of demons are waging constant war in the world of Limbo; winner take all.  Now’s your chance to pick an allegiance, jump in and start whomping on the other side.

Faxion offers unique features like visceral (that is to say, truer to life than your usual MMO) combat, multiclass customization and the ability to continue your character’s growth offline, while you go out and reacquaint yourself with that mythical destination, “outside.”

All that and the 7 Deadlies too, you say? Sign me up! And sing you up too. Grab yourself a beta key while you may; they won’t last for long.