Introducing TERA: Races – Part 1

Glad you could join us for the third installment in a series of preview articles covering TERA Online. Today, we are going to take a look at the various races whose interactions drive the narrative of the game forward.


TERA features an impressive cast of races within its lore. Each one has a well-developed and largely interesting background, with sparks of originality here and there. You have baraka, the peaceful descendants of giants who tower above all other species.  Despite their impressive presence, one should not assume that this race is a simple collection of fighters and brawlers, for baraka value balance in all aspects of life. As a result of this philosophy, a baraka will train himself diligently in the art of combat, as well as strive for the hidden depths of arcane knowledge.

Having long abandoned the cruel ways of the Republic of Giants, baraka were spared when the gods decided to annihilate their evil brethren at once. Since then, the baraka clan has assumed a nomadic way of life, its members traveling from city to city in an attempt to gather knowledge and chronicle the flow of life in all of Arborea.


After the death of the deity who created them, this race of fierce warriors was conquered by the Republic of Giants. As slaves they fought countless battles, conquering land and destroying anyone who disobeyed their masters. Having been born and bred in the atmosphere of constant struggle, bloodshed and death, the amani inherit savageness and aggression through the genes of their dead ancestors. Their cruel past still haunts them, for amani prefer to keep their distance from baraka, who remind them of endured hardships and oppression.

Eventually, the race was freed by the goddess Kaia who called upon the help of the castanics. After they were granted free will, the amani have transformed into a species that values honour, integrity and loyalty above all else. These days, they serve as the first line of defense of the Valkyon Federation. Their hardened bodies and the sheer power they exhibit on whim, allow this race of reptilian-like fighters to be the bones that hold the alliance together.

Few need to ask these warriors to prove their words, for they will be the first ones to sacrifice themselves for the right cause. They still long to be in the thick of a fight, slashing brutally and carving their way into the enemy. Only this time, it is for the right reasons.


We also have the tiny poppori who, despite looking like cute cuddly animals, are actually ferocious fighters on the battlefield. There’s been some controversy with popori females  (and some people still have issues with it) looking distinctly human, or lets be completely honest here – they look like 12 year old girls running around in fancy dresses. However, it has been explained that ‘popori’ is more of a general term for various intelligent races with different animal-like features.

You might argue that this still doesn’t explain the fact that the females look like humans. Turns out, the poppori have traditionally been ruled by a powerful female race called ‘elin’. They are admired to this day because of queen Rerin, who stepped up during an invasion of the Popori Kingdom and tragically died in the process. This is as good of an explanation as any. Moving on!

The popori are mischievous creatures who have little concern for manners and politeness valued by other races. For the unprepared, they may not look like they pose much threat, but this is a case where looks truly are deceiving. Often seen as the spirits of nature, the popori turn into unyielding fighters and wild beasts when it comes to protecting their homeland. Together with the elin, they aim to preserve the lands of Arborea and the peace of Arun and Shara.

The other half of the ‘cast’ will be covered in the next part. See you soon!

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