Faxion Online Opens Registration for Closed Beta

And here it comes what many of you, avid gamers, were waiting for: the Faxion Online Closed Beta registration has just started. From now, everyone interested can go to the Faxion Online website and register for a chance of getting into the closed beta test, to begin in Q1 2011.

This game, is a competitive fully-featured MMORPG, allowing players to side with the armies of both Heaven and Hell, battling for domination of the seven deadly sins. It’s PvP focused, featuring a unique territory control system, offering achievement and glory, with a funny sense of humor.

"We already know the game is funny, exciting and addictive, however, at
this stage of the game's development, we need to elicit the help of
some rigorous beta testers to offer their opinions and feedback to
help us fine tune the game and make it as great as it can be," said
Frank Lucero, Studio Head at UTV True Games. "By signing up early,
these testers will ensure themselves a spot when we open the flood
gates in Q1."

The game was present on this year’s GDC Online and our Head Editor, Staci, was there to meet the Faxion Online team. She had the opportunity of playing the game, chat with some representatives and write a good and informative article about it. If you didn’t read it yet, go for it and don’t miss it.

Faxion looks cool and could be an alternative to all of those PvP loving players, looking to fight others adding a “twist” to the genre.

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