Faxion Online Outlines Visceral Combat System

If you’ve played Faxion Online, you’ve noticed that the game is fairly barebones compared to most MMOs out today. Having said that, UTV True Games’ PvP focused title makes up for a lack of typical MMO necessities with a new and innovative notification system that will affect how how combat is played out. Sometimes the fast-paced fighting in Faxion can leave you button-mashing and ultimately clueless as to what is going on. If you can relate to this notion, rejoice! New notification features will result in flashing “contextual” text as players execute different moves in battle. Jump past the cut to learn more.

Flashing text – seems a little conspicuous, right? Well, combat in Faxion isn’t for the rogue-likes among us; to stand off against your opponent is honor in its truest form! In order to keep players completely up-to-date on the quickly changing events during battle, UTV has implemented color-coded text that will flash above a players’ heads during battle. Each color will correspond to a move type; for instance, normal attacks will result a plain white text, while offensive spells will provoke an “envious” green. If you notice a yellow text, don’t fear – some serious healing is about to occur. Lastly, critical hits cause a malicious red text to appear.

These notifications, coupled with a revised and expanded combat log will allow players to exercise greater control on the battlefield, ultimately resulting in greater satisfaction and understanding. As for self-effects, we can expact an icon system not unlike WoW or Rift; a recent PR statement elaborates,

“All of the following states will provide icons: Damage Over Time (DoT) & Heal Over Time (HoT), Buffs such as Flight, Debuffs including Knockdown/Stun/Snare/Confusion, and the mysterious Vortex Effects, which affect the player’s display and/or viewing area. Unsurprisingly, there is room for precisely 42 persistent effect icons, and they are easy to tell from a glance via picture and color what they represent.”

If you haven’t already, click on over to the official site to obtain a beta key and get in on this fist-pumping action!