Gods & Heroes Reveals Character Classes

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Et tu, Brute? Such were the last words uttered by Julius Caesar in Shakespeare’s play of the same name. I have a feeling that I’ll be expressing the same sentiment on many occasions in the gritty world of Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. Life is tough in Heatwave Interactive’s take on the ancient days of yore, and the enemies that stand between the empire and peace are more than mere human. The situation as it stands now:

But there is hope: The Scions of Olympus, Roman heroes descended from the noble Olympians, are rising to the occasion. These brave heroes and their squads of allies — including the great Titus Romanus and his brave cohorts — are combating the enemies of Rome and Olympus alike. But they are not alone: Soldiers, Scouts, Priests, Mystics, Gladiators and even Nomads have joined the cause. No matter their allegiances, or beliefs, or origins, all are Romans at this time. For if they fail, Rome will fall.

Yep, there it is, the six personas that players can take on as they battle the malicious Telchinists for the freedom of Rome. Or not? As of today, Heatwave Interactive has detailed four playable classes in Gods & Heroes. The brave heroes that did not make the list (yet?) are Scouts and Nomads. That being said, we should expect these two classes to make an appearance soon, since the game does not yet have a ranged or hybrid class.

What we can be sure of is the presence of the Gladiator, Soldier, Mystic and Priest. Aside from their Roman manifestations, there is nothing particularly unique about these classes – between the two melee warriors, the Gladiator will fill the DPS role, while the Soldier will don the mantle of the quintessential Tank. The Mystic will be capable of enormous magic damage output, but will need to be wary of aggro, as they can only wear cloth armor. Interestingly, Mystics will also be able to summon pets to distract and confuse their enemies, gaining an edge on the battlefield. The Priest? Aside from healing, Priests can delve into darker magics and employ formidable debuffs and offensive spells.

Head on over to the official site to sign up for closed beta and dig in on the intriguing lore behind this exciting new title!

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