Final Fantasy XIV Release Date and Price Announced

The Final Fantasy XIV release date and price have finally been announced. For those that don’t know, FFXIV is the eagerly anticipated next installment, and second MMO entry, in the classic Final Fantasy series. It has actually transpired that FFXIV has two release dates, one for the Collector’s Edition and one for the Standard Edition – as a little extra bonus for those fans that pick up the more expensive package, they will get to play the game from September 22nd, 2010, while the SE will be available a week later on the 30th.

The RRP for the Collector’s Edition is $75 in North America and £50 in the UK, while the Standard Edition goes for $50 in North America and £40 in the UK. As usual, the retail copy will come with 30 days free game time, after which a subscription costs $13 in North America and £9 in the UK. In the same manner as its predecessor, Final Fantasy XI, FFXIV will charge for additional character slots – $3 or £2.10 per playable character, and $1 or 70p per non-playable inventory-handling character.

There are currently no details available regarding the PS3 version of the game – it does not seem likely that it will release at the same time as the PC version, and what pricing structure it will use by comparison is unknown. There will be a beta available this month, however, so if you want to get a taste of FFXIV before September, you can register at the official beta site.

Source: Massively