FTH 11: The Frigid Frostling and Ahune’s Icy Demise

In honor of the waning Midsummer Fire Festival and my lucky acquisition of the Frigid Frostling pet, here’s For the Hoard episode 11. I’ll show off the frosty little pet and his mischievous ways, then venture into the Slave Pens to take on Ahune and see if any of my PUG members also get a lucky drop.

Thanks for watching, folks, and that’ll do it for For the Hoard for a short duration while I take off on vacation. But don’t worry – I’ve got some other great new videos of a different sort already arranged for while I’m gone. In the meantime, drop me a line for any future FTH requests!



  1. if you have ranged in the group (hunters and mages seem best for this), tell them to ignore the adds and wail on Ahune all the way through, that way, theres constant damage going (even though it’s reduced), and you can finish him when he goes crystal every time. :)

  2. On another note, being a tank is AWESOME for the queuing system :D

    Good job on another FTH episode, Pixie, and hope you have a relaxing and fun vacation!

    I’m not sure if you have done this yet, but I’d personally like to see you doing an achievement run in an instance (such as Oculus).

    It’d be interesting. *nods*

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