Patch 4.2 Firelands Raid Official Preview

Beth'tilac, "The Red Widow" is one of the first bosses you will encounter in The Firelands.

Yesterday’s videos were only the beginning of Blizzard’s Patch 4.2 coverage. According to Bashiok, here’s the line-up for the next few days:


  • “The Firelands” Raid Preview
  • “A Legendary Engagement” Legendary Staff Preview
  • “The Regrowth and Molten Front Quest Hubs”
  • BlizzCast 16


  • “Elemental Bonds” Quest Preview
  • Tier 12 Teaser


  • Dungeon Journal Teaser (Ama’s note: This is the integrated boss info thing they talked about wanting to implement at BlizzCon 2010).

As of this writing, only the first item on the list has been released, but it’s arguably the most exciting. The official boss descriptions (including hints as to their fight mechanics) follow my own summation of the features culled from both the official preview and an interview Cory Stockton recently did with Buffed (there’s even more info here, it’s worth reading in its entirety):

  • Seven bosses (including Ragnaros), the first four of which can be tackled in non-linear fashion.
  • No hidden or optional bosses, but Ragnaros’ Heroic fight is vastly different from his Normal one (indications that this will be the only way to see his entire body).
  • The raid instance will be about the size of the Alterac Valley sub-zone, and will take place mostly outside, so that players can mount up and attempt to bypass some of the mobs wandering about.
  • There will be more UI elements such as bars and meters to better track what bosses are doing, instead of having to always keep an eye on the debuff box. Also, there will be no fire resist required in the instance (and the bosses won’t have it, either).
  • “Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest” is the new Legendary Staff. It will have an offensive proc, take a long time to make, and require a few non-raiding efforts from the rest of your guild. Completing the staff will reward you with the item, a lengthy cinematic event, and everyone in your guild (presumably of sufficient reputation) will also gain access to a unique vanity pet.
  • Other dungeon rewards include the requisite Tier 12 gear, Epic recipes for all professions, and three new mounts (flaming Anzu likely being the rarest/most wanted).

Onto the boss descriptions!

Beth’tilac [The Red Widow]

Her fiery webs reach far overhead, daring her adversaries to simultaneously face their fears of both spiders and heights. Only by taking hold of her webs and climbing into her domain yourself will you find a way to thwart her evil designs.

Lord Rhyolith

Heroes face a difficult challenge: attack this massive magma giant’s bulk while forcing him to move against his will among volcanic eruptions that ultimately spell his doom… or yours.


Are you ready to fly the fiery skies? Catch her singed feathers and use them to soar above the inferno, or perish at the whim of this swift firehawk.


The ferocious flamewakers of this Elemental Plane are terrifying enough, but Shannox has brought companions to his side in defense of the Firelands. This mighty hunter will require that you find a way to deal with his blazing pets before he burns you to a crisp.

Baleroc [The Gatekeeper]

Baleroc stands before the gate to Sulfuron Keep, amidst a river of combustion that serves as the Sulfuron moat. The bridge to Ragnaros’s blistering chamber can only be crossed by those who find a way to put an end to this towering elemental monstrosity.

Majordomo Staghelm [Archdruid of the Flame]

Ragnaros’s latest chief lieutenant stands before the door to his master’s chamber in Sulfuron Keep. Majordomo Staghelm’s treasonous efforts will all come to a head before the very seat of his new master.

Stay tuned to Lore Hound for more Patch 4.2 Preview news in the coming days!


  1. Oh were gonna see Sooooo many screenshots with people having the old legendary standing over a dead rag. :P

  2. i cant wait to see the stats for the legendary staff. bout time casters got a legendary, Atiesh was the only one casters had.

  3. Majordomo Staghelm : …… fail.
    After forcing my way through Knaak’s (dragonball Z failed script) last WoW novel about the nightmare war and our fave elves and being hammered by the “digging deeper” plot device I left wanting to know more about what happens next with our fave fallen arch druid…. And now he’s the second fiddle to a revamped Vanilla raid boss… great blizz…. Just fraking great. Waste another great plot thread. This guy deserves more than this. I mean, his history with the game demands he be bigger than this. There were corrupted druids, there was a careful and slow assassination plot, hell there was even political drama related to this guy. And now he’s going out like this? Come on.
    This guy could have escaped and traveled the world as some disillusioned super powerful hero or villain trying to make sense of his shattered life. Maybe go on a quest to find what or who corrupted him. Maybe go further into the dark side and create even more crazy dark druids to join him. Maybe bring new hidden and taboo transformation abilities out that make wargon look like kitties. Hell write more books, make a whole long quest line, create quest for Malfurion to try and redeem him. He was the Arthas to the elves and this is what you give him? I demand a pre-patch-retcon!

  4. Bme85:

    OH please, you know blizz. With the emerald dream expansion coming out in the future, strong chances are on blizz’s end,

    This is Merly A Setback! :P

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