Trion Worlds Delays Rift’s v1.2 Update, Now Coming May 10

Rifters expecting a hefty patch next week will be sorely disappointed. Earlier today, Trion Worlds officially delayed v1.2, Rift’s second content patch since its March release. Fear not, the delay is only a week. The patch will now be deployed to the updater on May 10. According to reports, the patch was delayed to provide additional time to make it the most “polished, tweaked and perfected” patch possible.

Meeting that criteria is of the utmost importance. The MMORPG remains in its infancy. While impressions remain largely positive, a misstep here could scare players that joined the warfare on Telara late (causing them to not subscribe after the included 30 days). The patch’s content is highly anticipated to boot.

Patch v1.2 will bring players new endgame content in the form of 10-man “slivers.” Level 50 characters will have to use an Ascended Power to reveal these special rifts, allowing the group entry in to the alternate dimension/reality (my brain hurts). Gilded Prophecy, the first of such super-dungeons, will be launched as part of Patch v1.2.

For those that haven’t capped, ahem, me, Patch v1.2 brings us quality-of-life goods. There’s the expanded appearance system, enabling players to better dress themselves. In conjunction with the cosmetic revamp to the armor UI, players can expect there to be more cosmetic items available in the game to meet every eclectic taste. Or for the fashion newbs, grab one of the upcoming cosmetic armor sets. Players will be able to obtain multiple outfit slots.

For better or worse (very, very, very better, in my opinion), Trion Worlds will unleash its incarnation of a Dungeon Finder tool with Patch v1.2. The tool will work much like that of the Warfront, automatically forming groups for PvE dungeons based on selected class roles.

I can’t wait.

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