First In-game Footage of Undead Labs Zombie MMO

Undead Labs posted their first blog update of the new year and it was a big one, showing off for the first time some gameplay of their zombie MMO, which is currently in the early-alpha stage of development.

The video is actually a tour of their development studio, but we get a few glimpses of what the game as they walk by a few stations. The video ends with about a 20 seconds scene of two players barricaded in a house as zombies attack it, just enough to get your blood flowing in excitement. Can’t wait to see more.

Check out the full Undead Labs video after the jump.

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  1. This looks very very promising to me. Im looking forward to a mmorpg or mmo based on the zombie theme and this might just be what i was looking for.

    Give me more of this!

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