Minecraft Adventures 1.4 “Pharaoh Mordil’s Tomb”

Editor’s Note: Sorry for this being delayed almost a day & a half. There was some complications in getting it ready by yesterday.

Yes, yes. We all know I have an inflated ego; but come on – who doesn’t want to have their name on something so devious as a pitfall tomb? Check it all out below. I’m sorry if the brightness isn’t enough to see any details – it’s an issue with my computer.

Before I discovered the miracle of MCEdit, a mass editor, it took me roughly 15-30 hours to complete. Did it all by hand /flex.

As always, you can download our texture pack in HD or SD. If you want to do HD, make sure you use MC Patcher for PC or Mac OS X. For instructions on doing all these things, check out the first post here.



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