Follow Lore Hound on Twitter, Win a Celestial Steed

The title of this post says it all: Follow @LoreHound on Twitter, and you will automatically be entered to win a loot code for a shiny new Celestial Steed.

We’ve already announced this nifty new contest in a few different places on the site, but this post now makes it official. We’re aiming to hit 2,000 followers. Once we do, we will randomly choose one of our followers to receive the lucky prize.

So, please. Save a pony from being put down. And help me get all this sparkly, stardust out of my hair. Follow us on Twitter. And spread the word to your friends. She-Ra will thank you.

**Update** Yes, the contest is still on! Keep sending Twitter followers our way so we can get up to our goal and give away a beautiful Celestial Steed. In the meantime, also enjoy this video of pixie pimping the contest:


  1. Do you already have the loot code or are you going to be purchasing it once you have a winner. I ask because if you already have the loot code, then is the draw only for US players, since I’m not sure if you can gift an EU account from the US store or codes.

  2. We’ll be buying one when we hit 2,000 followers. US and EU should be eligible, as well as anywhere else the Celestial Steed is available.

  3. don’t add me into the loot-hat. i already have a steed, so IF i win, I shall be donating it to the person is second place. :)

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