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Is your ability to read hampered by TL:DRitis? Ever want to just know the basics of a character in Warcraft?  Tired of scrolling through tomes of information you already know?  Want bite-sized lore that can be expanded into hour-consuming sessions on a need-to-know basis?  Then “In 250 Words or Less*” is for you!

The young Varian Wrynn, son of the King of Stormwind, Llane Wrynn, took over the crown after he witnessed the assassination of his father by Garona Halforcen.  The ensuing chaos led to Varian’s exile to Lordaeron, where he befriended Arthas Menethil.  With the aid of Lordaeron and the rest of the Alliance, Varian reclaimed his kingdom.

The lull in warfare allowed Wrynn to focus on rebuilding his land, and his family.  During this time Katrana Prestor refused to pay the Stonemasons for their hand in restoring Stormwind.  Her tampering ultimately lead to the rioting in Stormwind, the death of Tiffin, Varian’s wife, and the kidnapping of Varian by the Defias Brotherhood.

During his struggle to escape, Varian lost his memory and was captured by a traveling band of gladiator combatants.  His military training kicked in, allowing him to lead his team to numerous victories, earning him the name of Lo’GoshAegwynn manages to clear his fractured memory, revealing him as the lost king of Stormwind.  Lo’Gosh began his journey home only to discover that an impostor had claimed his throne.  Lo’Gosh disclosed Katrana as Onyxia and pursued her to her lair with his impostor.  His soul as one, Varian returns to Stormwind, with Onyxia’s head.

Whole again, Varian returns to his duties only to learn of Bolvar’s death at Wrathgate.  In his honor, Varian leads a charge into Undercity to kill Varimathras.  The betrayal is the last straw for Varian, who confronts Thrall and vows that peace will never come.

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Other notes:

Varian does not play a major role in the attack against Icecrown Citadel.  He does have a cameo in which he tells Bronzebeard to stand down and allow Saurfang The Elder to reclaim his son’s body.  Varian will play a major role in Cataclysm.

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