Forsaken World Character Generation (Video)

A few of us here at Lore Hound recently had the opportunity to jump on the Forsaken World closed beta and have at it. You can get an idea of some game basics from Ronix’s introductory post, and now it’s my turn to fill you in on the intricacies of the character creation process.

Forsaken World‘s options for character creation run pretty much right down the middle in terms of what can be personalized, and to what extent. While players  can choose from a wide variety of both skin tones and pretty much any hair color, other options are more limited.

Most races have about five or six different facial expressions to choose from, about 8 or so hairstyles and a number of different “flair” options that add some kind of decor, makeup, scars, etc to the face. It’s an easy and pleasant system to go through, and I was satisfied with the number of options.

But these are the basics. The game certainly is lacking in some of the character creation options that many new MMOs have been granting players — everything from voice to body type to the exact curvature of the chin, nose, lips and brows. Forsaken World sticks more to the basics, but does a good job with them to create a polished looking character. Take a look at the video to get a better idea.


  1. this actually looks interesting. I’m normally against F2P, but this could give players some great options/alternatives. Looking forward to the gameplay videoes. Do you know if this will have a sub method as well as being F2P?

  2. Cool…im not too familar with the company but the character generation looks neat. Hopefully, the gameplay will ”….well play out. lol

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