Forsaken World Introduces Floating Guild Bases

The year is ending, and Perfect World Entertainment seems to want their Forsaken World players to be pleased. A Christmas gift? no, but maybe better, considering the huge amount of players asking for guild bases on this interesting free-to-play MMO, currently in beta phase.

So, what’s this all about? Well, looks like all Forsaken World guilds will have the chance to get an incredible Guild Command Center, but a great effort is needed for it. Every week, all guilds wanting to get their high-up-in-the-air base, will have to bid. The guild winning the bidding, will acquire it shining new base, and its promises to worth the effort.

[imagebrowser id=531]

Command Centers will be located on a floating platform, accessible only through teleporters placed on the ground level. Though these bases will be close to empty when you buy one, you and your guildmates can work together to make the base such a useful place. Players can set their personal vaults to store every spare things they don’t need to carry on their travels and adventures, teleportation nodes to different gatherable resources, buildings dedicated to trade-skills, a pub, halls, a taming room and so on.

Having your own guild base is always cool. Every MMO should have that feature, but having one floating up in the air? Man, that’s awesome. Now that Forsaken World introduces floating bases, I’m sure lots of players will be counting the hours, till they get one.

For more information about this new feature, visit the official website of the game.

Anyway, remember tonight is New Year’s Eve. If you want to hunt anything, please, let the turkey on the dinner table be your only prey.