Forsaken World Occupations

Perfect World Entertainment has just recently revealed occupations for its upcoming MMO Forsaken World. These are the different “trade-skills” you can choose on this game, having 14 different ones to fill all your needings, regarding crafting and other professions. You’ll be able to learn fishing, read the future through astrology, gain access to hidden quests or craft your own weapons and armor.

Some of these occupations are gained automatically when you level up, but others are locked. To unlock these ones, you’ll need to complete quest line sections that will grant you job points. Each quest line section completed will reward you with a job point, which can be spent to unlock an occupation of your choice.

You’ll need to do some planning, as you won’t be able to choose all occupations, so you better choose wisely, depending on your class and your personal likings.

You can read the official notes on the website of the game, as well of sign for the beta phase currently running. Go and try the Forsaken World occupations and throw yourself into the “trade-skills” world.


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