Rift: Planes of Telara Beta Event 2 Starts in December 17th

Guardians of the Vigil, the second closed beta event for Rift: Planes of Telara, the upcoming MMO of Trion Worlds, will start next December 17th. This by-invitation-only event, will feature the first 2o levels of play and is scheduled to start at 10am PST, running through December 20th at 10am PST.

“Players will be reborn as Ascended souls of the Vigil, prophesized to put an end to the tyrant Aedraxis and his plan to sacrifice the world to Regulos. Save the forest of Silverwood from the war between fiery minions of chaos and the corrupted followers of the elven prince Hylas. Venture into the Realm of the Fae to break the hold that Greenscale’s lieutenant Lord Twyl has over the ancient home of the elves.”

If you have a VIP beta key, you can enjoy the whole beta events process, if not, you’re still in time to apply for a beta key on the official website of the game. Good luck.

First event, Rise of the Defiant was a success, now the Beta Event 2 Guardians of the Vigil comes and Rift gets closer to final release.