Forsaken World: Storm of War Details Revealed

Forsaken world - Storms of war

Over the last week or so, we’ve been teased with screenshots and trailers for the upcoming Storms of War expansion for Forsaken World. Today we have all the juicy details as what this storm is bringing.

Up first is the long awaited Guild vs Guild PvP system. Guild Wars will take place once per week and will be split up into three tiers, 30 vs 30, 60 vs 60 and 100 vs 100. The higher the tier the larger the rewards. For guild to participate in Guild Wars, they must first construct a specific structure in the guild base which will unlock the feature.

Two guilds will battle it out on a battlefield and fight for control over 4 resource nodes. As these nodes are held it will charge the guilds base cannon where once fully charged it will fire on the enemy guild base and once destroyed, that guild wins.

The nodes are controlled by simply standing on them and throughout the week additional random resource nodes will spawn that will be worth extra points.

The second big addition is the new Aeon Spire dungeon for players level 75 and above. Groups entering the dungeon will immediately face theĀ first boss Kluer. Once defeated, groups will be faced with another big fight and more bosses as the Aeon Spire has no wimpy mobs to slow groups down.

Aeon Spire

The second boss fight will be against a huge armored centaur inside a huge protective field which once entered, players cannot leave. Once defeated players will meet the next boss, a gigantic spider, followed by a huge tree sort of monster. Finally players will enter the Aeon Spire and meet the final end bossĀ The Mistress of Malice.

First of all, the Guild vs Guild system sounds awesome, similar to what Guild Wars 2 is doing with their two week World vs World PvP wars. Second The Aeon spire sounds like a fun dungeon, no crappy mobs to waste your time and 5 boss battles, sign me up to that.