The Dungeon Master: The Catacombs Adventure Pack

The first adventure pack on review at the new The Dungeon Master column is called the Catacombs. This DDO adventure pack is created for characters between level three and four. We at LoreHound did an Instance Gratification of this adventure pack so go check that one out here, if you want.

I’ll wait for you to finish it.

This adventure pack holds a whooping eight different adventures. And, of course, there’s some really nice loot at the end, which includes several ghost touch weapons, an eternal wand of cure minor wounds for quick stabilizing of party members and a really nice robe for Wizards and Sorcerers called the Robe of Duality. Those are the gems, but there are many more valuable upgrades for all manner of classes.

The adventures the player will be going on are your usual undead areas, from libraries to prisons, from a crypt to a secret passage. As you might have seen in our run through, this expedition has no shortage of undead, so bring your blunt-force trauma weapons. Rarely does the Catacombs throw anything alive at you, but beware the occasional cluster of bats, spiders and iron defenders.

After the player is a couple of adventures in he will meet an undead mob type for the first time. These enemies, called Wights, become more and more common the deeper the player gets. These undead have the nasty ability that if you, the player, attack him it will have a fifty percent change to miss regardless if you actually roll high enough. Quite an annoyance, but a couple of rewards actually cancel the effect. This reward, called Ghost Touch, is gained just several adventures away from the first meeting with the Wight, so be sure to obtain it. This ability is a weapon ability enabling players to hit the frequent wight mobs with no trouble.

Now I do have some minor complaints about this adventure pack. Truly minor. One adventure in particular takes a long time to do and that wouldn’t be such a bad thing if you weren’t constantly walking through the same corridor. The first time around is an enjoyable “destroy the sarcophagi” challenge, but eventually that grows stale. Another issue is wasted instance loading and travel time. Repeatedly, players will be running between floors just to talk to an NPC to continue the adventure. Nothing else, just chat and leave.

If you wanna pick up an adventure pack that has good dungeons, some nice loot and best of all, loads of fun then few others offer more bang for your buck than Catacombs. It is only 250 Turbine points and is a perfect entry to any newcomers stable of adventure packs. In my opinion, it is well worth it.