Forsaken World Story Trailer

Like many other MMOS, Forsaken World, the new Perfect World Entertainment creation, has a very classic background story behind. In FW, two gods seems to bug each other endlessly, representing the old battle between Order and Chaos. The result is easily predicted, a world in conflict where players play the main role of saving Eyrda from falling into eternal chaos and evil. As I told you, a classic.

The trailer looks really good and shows some gorgeous graphics for this new MMO. What I like the most is the soundtrack, reminding me of Hans Zimmer in some moments. Though this is only a presentation video for the game, it lets you get a glimpse of it. Now that the closed beta phase has just started, if you’re interested in Forsaken World, visit the official website for more information and applying for the beta.

PWE is quickly becoming an important MMO publisher, titles like Perfect World,  Heroes of Three Kingdoms, Jade Dynasty, Ether Saga Online or Battle of the Immortals already have tons of players. Now, Forsaken World is already in closed beta phase, getting closer to final release.