Forsaken World's August Content Update Preview

The second major content update is heading to Forsaken World this August and today Perfect World Entertainment released details to what players can expect.   Below is a list of what has been announced so far.

  • Level cap raised to 80
  • Mounted combat system
  • New dungeon
  • New events
  • Increased maximum job levels
  • Level 3 guild bases unlocked
  • New systems that will benefit married couples
  • Improvements to the arena system
  • New pet adventure system – have your pet perform quests for you!
  • And more!

Apart from the list, no detailed information has been released about any of the above.  The biggest new feature would have to be the new pet adventure system, which seems very interesting.  I would love to know exactly how that is going to work.  We’ll keep you update as new info is released.