MapleStory: Age of Heroes Goes Live Tomorrow

The first content update for MapleStory: Chaos is set to go live on servers early tomorrow morning.  Age of Heroes is the first of five content updates over the summer months, the 4 others will be released following the schedule below. MapleStory players can start downloading the content update right now and start playing as soon as servers are back up.

  • Age of Heroes – 6/29
  • Age of Artisans – 7/11
  • Age of Battle – 7/20
  • Ice Knight – 7/27
  • Unnamed Update – ?

Age of Heroes will allow players level 160+ to use the Temple of Time to travel to a time of terror. Explore an all-new area and face friends who have turned to foes in the hardest challenges ever seen in Maple World.  The first content update will also include new skills and improved balancing for the following three classes, Aran, Evan, and Dual Blades, as well as new voice-overs in Cygnus, Chief Knights battle and the Lion King’s Castle.

Servers will go down tonight for the update, which will take approximately 8 hrs, and will be back up early morning tomorrow by 9:00 am EST.