Friends, Romans, countrymen, please buy God & Heroes

It seems things have not being going so well for Heatwave Interactive since the launch of Gods & Heroes on June 21st.  Not so much that there’s a lot of bugs, although there are as with most MMO launches these days, but that there’s not a whole lot of people playing.  As stated by Romulus, the CEO and Executive Produces of Heatwave Int, in a recent forum post,

First and foremost, the game needs more players!…we have an awareness issue and our pricing model doesn’t seem to be tantalizing enough…our current growth rate isn’t good enough. The game deserves more people enjoying it and the three servers we have online aren’t even sweating.

God & Heroes launched with three servers and from the sounds of it, they might be three pretty empty servers.  Romulus made no mention of any server merge, but instead went in the other direction stating they will be launching a promotion in the coming weeks to grow their player base.

Heatwave and team are 100% committed to G&H. We believe in it and as you’ll see in the list below, we are investing heavily in it and we will continue to do so.

That said, in the coming weeks, we are going to begin a promotion that will drive thousands more players to the game and turn Baccus, Mars and Jupiter into communities bursting at the seams.

Definitely the right move imo as doing a server merger this early on would only signal to current players they might be playing a dead game.

For those of you contemplating picking up a copy, you should read our Gods & Heroes review first.