Fun Facts About Gaming in the United States

Gaming is an integral part of many Americans lives. That’s not a blanket statement because I am a video game journalist/blogger/marketing guru. It’s a cold hard fact. Well, it’s a cold hard fact that’s a bit biased. It’s a fact that came from a recent Entertainment Software Association, a lobbyist group that represents the video game industry in Washington, D.C.. Full disclosure: I admittedly dislike lobbyist groups in general, yet hypocritically support this one.

Anyways, the group released it yearly “Essential Facts” to the masses today (PDF). Gamespot has an interesting summary of the big data points. Go read it. We’ll wait…

Crazy right? I mean, 44% of parents claim games are a bad influence on their children. 41% have resisted the call of the digital media of video games and people over 30 are the average gamer and game purchaser?! It’s almost like the Atari/NES generation is getting old and has had children!

Oh, wait a minute.

Regardless of some of the obvious shifts in gamer demographics the news is positive. The report continues that half the US population is gaming, that there is no difference in gender purchases, that the ESRB rating is helpful, that “strategy” games took #1 honors for PC gaming (glee!) and that this is a run on sentence that must die in a fire.

The most divisive bit of information? Grand Theft Auto 5, which is not yet available on PC, took top console honors followed by CoD: Ghosts, which is. Neither or these took top PC honors, championed by StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm followed by the infamous release of SimCity.

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