Game of Thrones Ascent Has New Content, We’ve a New Giveaway!

lh_game_of_thrones_ascent_fire_blood_expansionFULLSIZWSince the beginning of its life Game of Thrones: Ascent, the formerly Facebook-only now multi-platform story-driven RPG, has received content updates at a good clip. Sanctioned by George R. R. Martin himself, Disruptor Beam took the title a step further when it began unlocking weekly content during previous seasons of the hit HBO show. As we found out at PAX East 2015 earlier this year, this has not changed.

The recently released Fire and Blood expansion focuses on the increasing power of the fallen Targaryen Great House. No longer relegated to the status of helpless eggs the dragons have breached the world and are now available as Young Dragons. Two new buildings and a successor to previous season’s World Events, dubbed Tales of Ice and Fire, have entered the frey.

If you’ve resisted the call to arms until now or were busy whispering into your cups recently there’s no better time to return to your banners. In fact, as you’ll see off to the right in out Item & Beta Key Giveaway sidebar Lore Hound and Disruptor Beam have a treat for you. The finest in Lannister borrowed Gold. Don’t worry, you won’t have to repay the debt. At least not with your life.