Gamer Buys $16,000 Virtual Sword

At a recent auction in China for the upcoming MMORPG Age of Wulin, a gamer purchased an in-game virtual sword for $16,000. Other gamers also purchased virtual items, a $1,600 Hook of Departure sheath and a Lordly Spear sheath for $2,500.

Now forget the fact that the two lesser items are only sheaths for cosmetic purposes, why are these people buying items for a game that’s still in beta? What happens if the game is a flop?

Age of Wulin is also a PvP centric game, what happens if it has full corpse-looting? These people are either going to lose their items or never use them for fear of getting ganked. I’d also hate to be this guy once the first expansion gets released and makes his $16,000 sword worthless.



  1. What idiots!!!

    ….. and I moan about £8.99per month subscriptions.
    People really should be screened for mental defects before allowing them to have money.

  2. Why so much hate? Your just complaining because he’s got the money to spend it. Trust me, that $16,000 he just spent is not even a fraction of what he has in his pockets.

    Relax guys….

  3. i feel sorry for anyone who spends 16k on a virtual item. i think shane is actually the chinese kid himself, since he seems to know intimate details about the insides of his pockets.

    good show ‘shane’, or should i say ‘xian’. ;)

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