Runes of Magic Browser Version Beta Launched

The browser version for Frogster’s Runes of Magic is now live in open beta and will be until Jan 9th 2012 if you want to give it a try. Not a lot of information has been released as to what if any limitations the browser version has when compared to the full game client, so I’ll take that as there are none or very little.

If you want to give the browser version a try, just head to the new ROM broswer website and signup, you can even just your Facebook login.

I have to say it’s pretty amazing that they can get a MMORPG like Runes of Magic to run in a web browser, how well it will run, well I guess that’s what this beta is for.

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  1. YAY now you can play a glitch fest game that caters to its payers at end game… with a smaller client….*CTL+ALT+DEL*

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