Garriott is Finally "Pleased"

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When we last saw Richard Garriott, he was sitting in a space shuttle with a smile on his face and a hard drive containing Tabula Rasa in his hands.  As of now he is sitting at home instead of a shuttle, and holding 28 million dollars instead of a hard drive.  Now how on earth did that happen?

Well you see, when Richard and NCsoft ended up parting ways after the failure of Tabula Rasa last year, they each left behind some unwanted aggression towards the other.  This resulted in Richard suing NCsoft for a whopping 47 million dollars over things such as fraud and breaching contracts.  Richards stock options with NCsoft had been effected upon him leaving the company, which is why the whole dispute started in the first place.  Now that the whole thing has finally been put to rest, Richard ended up beating a whole 28 million out of NCsoft’s pocket.  This isn’t even close to the original 47 million he was looking for, but Richard states “I am extremely pleased with the Jury’s decision.”

Hurray! Now we can all celebrate because Richard got the money he deserved!…….but wait a minute, where’s my money out of all this?! Oh that’s right, I don’t get any and neither do you, so we can all stop caring about this right…..about…..NOW!

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  1. Holy frak! 28 frakking million!

    Is NCSoft appealing the decision? Will this amount likely be reduced?

    Even if he get’s like 20 million, he could form his own company and build the MMO he’s always wanted to build. He’ll probably blow through all the money on art and re-do’s and end up with nothing in the end except some character models and a bunch of designs/code that didn’t work.

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