Sherwood Dungeon Gets Bows and Arrows

Sherwood Dungeon is definitely one of those “little MMOs that could”. The game started out as a hobby project for its creator, Gene Endrody and his company Maid Marian, and in 2010 celebrated its sixth anniversary with over 1.5 million players around the world. This week the indie favorite brought in some major updates to the game, including a new weapon class!

Players can gain access to bows at level 21, and have two new equipment spots to accommodate the unique weapon and ammo. Improved magic ammunition with Fire, Ice, Poison, or Night enchants are available at in-game vendors.

The recent update included a number of other changes to the AI, economy, and items. Additionally, old dunegon maps were replaced with newer versions, keeping players on their toes.

Sherwood Dungeon is a free (not free-to-play!), browser-based game set in a 3D world with heavy fantasy influences. It has a vibrant player community, many of whom contributed to the design and testing of this latest update.