Get Your Tiger Mounts While You Still Can

The Hakkardest part is saying goodbye!

With all the Cataclysm news we hear about every day, it’s hard for us to decide what is and isn’t worth reporting. We don’t want to spoil too much, and we certainly can’t keep up with the hardcore news sites most of the time, but we are interested in details that reflect the lore and player experience. Heaps of things are changing in the expansion, of course. Lots of quests will be tweaked or nixed forever, an unfortunate realization that has led some of our own (and no doubt many others) to polish off their Loremaster achievements and pay tribute to the old school Azeroth before it’s gone.

It’s hard to say why this particular item stings more than a handful of lost quests. Perhaps because it represents some “bigger” part of the game. With notable exceptions, quests slip through the mind like a greased pig; the bread crumbs that lead to the feast, if you will. And though it may be no longer, it was once a major goalpost for end-game raiders. A place worth getting to and fighting through with nineteen of your closest — or perhaps most hated (lawl guild drama) — pals: Zul’Gurub.

A careful overview of the latest Guild Achievements added to the beta brought to bear something missing, which was subsequently confirmed by a Blue:

Zul’Gurub is gone as a raid instance come Cataclysm.

Tiger mounts, Polymorph: Turtle, Zandalar Tribe rep? If you really want ’em, you better go get ’em, now.

Now, it’s possible some of these things may find their way into the new incarnation of the zone, but I wouldn’t bet my hat on it. After all, Blizzard wasn’t exactly kind to the War Bear mounts from Zul’Aman after Patch 3.0 came out (and made the time limit trivial).

As for Zul’Gurub itself — well, it’ll still be there, you can fly over it, and it will presumably play a large part in the new questing experience and storyline of Stranglethorn Vale. It just won’t be a raid anymore. Sure, like everything else in the world, time must move forward and perhaps ZG has outlived its usefulness. But when placed against the facts that Ahn’Qiraj remains untouched and you’ll be able to fight Ragnaros in two different places, it makes you wonder why it got singled out in the first place.

So shed a tear, pour a forty, for Zul’Gurub: a raid that, in short order, will cease to be.


  1. Bad puns are bad, Amatera :P

    I need my mounts, and rep, NAO!

    But.. I have no time anymore :(

    Ah, just something I wish I did back in the day, and try to get the feeling of accomplishment after it’s due date.

    Some things will be sour to see go this expansion…

  2. @nextgener well blizzard went and said to everyone not to worry about any of the vanilla raids going away so yea i’d say i didn’t expect them to remove it but can understand unfortunately for lore reasons why it would be changed

  3. And you know what else is awesome. The raptor! Two awesome mounts (especially for an alliance player like myself) that I will no longer get my hands on even after all my farming I did for them before I stopped playing. I really don’t have the will to start playing again pre-Cataclysm just for those specific mounts, which is a real shame, especially because I love collecting mounts. Hopefully when I get a selection of new Cataclysm mounts though, it will make up for these poor collectable pixels loosing their chance of a place in my spell menu.

    Goodnight, sweet princes…

  4. @ Tuskader0

    Don’t know about the Mojo frog pet, but yes, ZG is one of only two 20-man raids in existence with Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj being the other.

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