Lore Hound’s First Ever… Fanart?!

Wow! While we’re still in the process of growing, it’s great to know that we still have some dedicated fans, and Phanttas is clearly of the most stylish, classy, and well-endowed (in the art of drawing, of course) out there! He cooked up this sketch of the main Lore Hound five, and while he had to Google some references for a couple of us, it’s pretty spot on. So, to show our appreciation, I’m posting it on our front page like a proud mother on her refrigerator door.

Now, while I make some calls to Louvre, why don’t you take a look at this fine masterpiece. From left to right: Juggy (and the manslave who totes his box around), Heartbourne, iTZKooPA, Pixiestixy, and myself, Amatera.

We adore this cult-like display of affection, so if you have any doodles, tributary ballads, or massive amounts of cash to donate, give us a shout out through the Lore Hound Twitter account or this email address: admin [at] lorehound [dot] com. Maybe you’ll make the front page, too, and… if things go well, who knows, maybe we can make a contest out of this in the future (don’t quote me on that).


  1. Yeah, I was a little worried it might not be the actual Juggy I was drawing, and some other random guy named Brandon Sato, and so I thought he could hold the Juggybox just as a back-up.
    I recently started committing myself to draw one thing a day, in the hope that eventually I will get good. It can be hard to get ideas of stuff to draw sometimes, but a thought popped in my head that some Lorehound fan art could fill my daily quota, and also bring a smile to the faces on the other side of the interwebs entertaining me. Hence this.
    Anyway I’m glad you like it! =D

  2. I just assumed that the man holding the Juggybox was what’s-his-name from Project Lore.

    That.. or a photo of the real Brandon Sato has surfaced onto the internet!

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