Giant Dwarves? DDO Unlimited adds "Claw of Vulkoor" Quest Screens

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With the upcoming Update 6, Dungeons & Dragons Online players will explore swamps, raid sunken temples, and protect the last village of the Drow from otherworldly threats. One of the more compelling quest lines is the Claw of Vulkoor; players will be tasked with guiding tribal warriors through a mysterious cavern system in search of unknown fates and destinies. Turbine has recently revealed some screenshots from this particular addition, and it looks like a jolly old face-smashing time.

While Update 6 will take place in a new area known as Red Fens, I find myself wanting to visit this particular location just so I can knock down the paradox that is a giant dwarf. Doing battle with giant dwarves should be on everyone’s bucket list, right? Read up on Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Claw of Vulkoor quest line, as well as the other features in Update 6 here.