Ultima Online entices new, former Players with "Call To Arms" Event

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With BioWare Mythic offering Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss at the low price of $29.99 USD (including 30 days gametime), efforts are at an all-time high to revitalize this classic game. UO’s “Call to Arms” will feature such festivities as lore-based Live Events, which are slated to bring back several memorable characters from both Ultima and Ultima Online. Players will help drive the story arc as they work together to return the town of Magincia to it’s former glory. Also, new to the UO universe is an exciting PvP Arena feature that will allow players to face-off in 1v1 combat at either of two new arenas.

To encourage veterans to participate in these new additions, as well as to lend a hand to a newbie or two, BioWare Mythic has revamped the template for Advanced Character tokens. Further, long-time “UOphiles” will enjoy increased skill advancement when journeying with new players.

For prospective players looking to jump into the Ultima Online universe, new (non-trial) accounts will instantly receive a “New Player Token”. This token will provide access to 20,000 gold and premium gear, as well as accelerated skill gain for all party members. This much is clear: with Ultima Online’s Call to Arms event, now is a better time than ever to discover the game that started it all.

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