Global Agenda Windows 7 UI Bug

When I encounter some unusual user interface (UI) bug in an MMO, the first thing I do is disable all the add-ons I have.   Well, in the case of Global Agenda that’s not needed, as the game lacks add-on support.  So, I moved on to the next step, grabbing new video drivers.  After applying the latest Catalyst package from AMD, there’s absolutely no change.  Stumped, I went back into the game and began playing with video settings.  Resolution changes, fidelity modifications, window mode toggle, nothing made a difference.  The bug won’t go away.

At this point you’re probably wondering what bug could be so annoying, and so persistent.  Rather than write a treatise on the topic for the forums I decided to create a video for Hi-Rez’s  QA team to gawk at.  Check it out after the jump.

If you haven’t played Global Agenda (there’s a free trial now), then you probably have no idea what’s going on up there.  You see, each of those windows is supposed to have all sorts of information on them.  The main menu should have your common options like Settings, ETC, ETC.  The Auction House should show me a list of goods, and my mail should have the message headers, along with the message itself.  Essentially, every UI menu in the game is lacking its information.  This puts quite a damper on playing the game on the box in question.

Pertinent details:

OS: Windows 7

GPU: Radeon 4870×2

CPU: Intel C2Q Q6600

Ironically, the bug doesn’t happen on my Vista box, or my Windows 7 box that sports a card from nVidia.

Hope the information and video helped explain the issue Hi-Rez QA.


  1. Hey Lore Hound!
    We are aware of this issue (caused by strangeness between the Unreal Engine and the Anti-Aliasing settings on some video cards).

    There is a fix! (fully details here)

    In short:
    Why can’t I see all of the MENUS, or why do I see weird stuff on Equip Screen?
    I am seeing one or several of the following strange behaviors within the game:

    1) Not all of the right menu items appear when I hit ESC.

    2) Cannot see the equipment on the Equip Menu.

    3) Cannot see my character on the Equip Menu.

    4) Cannot see text on the Mission Queue screen.

    5) Other generally strange behavior in the menus.

  2. I forgot to do the follow-up to this. The bug was fixed by one of the numerous mini-patches/updates pushed through Steam shortly after the rant went live.

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