Grand Fantasia Adds World PvP

Today Aeria Games released one of the biggest content updates to their free-to-play MMORPG Grand Fantasia.  The patch update introduces World PvP, new maps, dungeons and instances; raises the level cap to 85 and adds the new “Looking for Party” feature as well as the new Ultimate System.

Additional information can be found below.

  • Introduction of World PvP – Players now have the option to duke it out amongst each other with the introduction of World PvP. Gain exclusive “PK Club” fame points that are redeemable for “PvP rewards.”
  • Additional Maps, Dungeons and Instances – Visit the “Nightmare Corridors,” a 2-player instanced dungeon with over 30 floors that will keep players on their feet.
  • Level Cap Raise –Players now have the ability to achieve up to level 85 especially with the help of additional dungeons and instances in game.
  • New “Looking for Party” Function – If players had trouble finding partners to complete quests there is now an option to “Auto Party” in-game that will allow players an easier method to team play.
  • New Ultimate System – The new Ultimate System allows players to upgrade their stats with the help of the Guardians of Saphael.