World of Tanks and Warplanes and Battleships Oh My

It seems is cornering the MMO market on the World War 2 era by land, air and sea after its recent announcement of its third MMO game World of Battleships.

With the arrival of World of Warplanes and World of Battleships, it’s going to be pretty exciting to see what they come up with in regards to integrating all three titles. has already announced that players from all three will be able to “distribute resources” amongst themselves and while economic integration is a great first step, I’d really love to see more.

Last week in an interview with Massively, project manager Alexander Zezulin did mention that combat integration between WoT and WoWP would not be possible, but they would be able to interact on the Clan Wars level, which means Ultimate Conquest,

Planes and tanks will interact on the Clan Wars level only where tanks will control ground provinces, while planes will fight for the air dominance over them. Due to the different scale of maps in World of Tanks andWorld of Warplanes, it’s hardly possible to see tanks vs. planes battles in the future.

I would imagine that WoBS would follow suit. For those of you unfamiliar with Ultimate Conquest, it allows players to extend the combat onto a real-world map where clans can gain control of areas by the use of combat within the World of Tanks game. So it seems that all three titles would share one main world map with each game having influence on the control of map locations.

It seems Wargaming has something for everyone. I’m not much of a fan of tanks, which are normally my least favorite level in any FPS, and I’ve never really played any battleship type of game, so I don’t even know what to expect with that, but World of Warplanes has my blood pumping. Something about fast paced aerial combat just does it for me. I gotta dust off my flight-stick.