GTA Online Snags Valentine’s Day Massacre Label from Mobsters, WWE

Rockstar Games is championing its latest update to the currently console-based Grand Theft Auto Online. The first GTA to morph into the MMO realm, Grand Theft Auto V is receiving another free update featuring a variety of Valentine’s Day extras for the Story Mode as well as GTA Online. The upcoming update is dubbed Valentine’s Day Massacre, a nomenclature coined back in the mob days for an actual shooting, then drummed up for an old WWF event. That’s before they got ‘The F Out.’

I sincerely hope you’re not expecting a love fest out of this event. No Cupid’s arrow here. Instead expect the Gusenberg Sweeper, a throwback to the Tommy Gun, the Albany Roosevelt 1920s styled limo, fancy new threads and the addition of 10 more jobs “scattered like the remnants of a broken heart throughout the world of GTA Online.”

The items are available for a limited time, but will remain with your person forever. More from GTA Online is expected in the near future, including details on the Dangerous Business Pack, Online Heists and the expansion to the Creator tool.

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