Guess Who Got Into Age of Conan Beta?

ME!  Did you guess right?  I bet you did.  Yes, a few days ago one of my guild mates from Lord of the Rings Online told me that his friend got into the AoC beta but wasn’t interested.  I guess he just signed up for the hell of it, but whatever, now I have the invite.  It actually took me over a day to get setup since after I had downloaded the install client, I needed to download a 15 gb update, which was extremely slow.

Since then I have been gaming in the world of Hyboria,  but this post isn’t going to be a preview of the game as I’m only lev 7 and haven’t even been able to chop anyones head off.  Instead it’s just me bragging that I got an invite ;)

But I will tell you that there are some serious bugs still in the game, so I’m glad they pushed the release back as it is still very unpolished.  I’m going to continue playing over the next week and I hope to reach level 20 within a week, then I’ll post a preview of the game.


  1. I guess there isn’t an NDA on AoC Beta at the moment? I guess they’re pretty lax if they actually allow you to trade beta accounts. Warhammer Online is very protective of their beta and will not allow participants to speak a peep of it, nor trade away unwanted accounts.

  2. To be honest, there is an NDA, and it’s pretty strict. I dont think it is legal for you to have gotten your friends account, but keep it hush hush. Don’t post anything about the game on this site also, its against the NDA and we could get shut down. I warn you, don’t mess with MMO companies, they can get pretty tense sometimes.

  3. NICE! I just got my invite there now

    Well Pleased!

    12.8 gigs though…gonna take 2 days at this rate because there seems to be so many leechers

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