No Nipples For You!

Ok, so the Age of Conan rating was just released today. M for Mature which means 18+. However, there are some stipulations by the ESRB board here in America that just astound me. No Nipples! I am allowed to decapitate, maim, slaughter, drink, fight, and pretty much have a good time with the ladies, but NO, I cannot see nipples. Seeing nipples will just ruin the rest of my life! I can go to war, buy cigarettes, and vote, but wait the ESRB is here to save me from nipples! Ok, end of sarcasm. My big question is “why only nipples?” An M rating from the ESRB is basically a NC-17 rating for the movies, which if I am not mistaken, allows full nudity. I think it is quite backwards. What do you think?

UPDATE: Apparently some bad information came out. Check this link for the updated information. Here is the basics:

-full blood
-full fatalities
-breasts with nipples
-not full nudity

Do not know how that bad info got out, but thankfully it has been corrected. Yay for nipples! Oh and I do not have the uncensored version of the above picture.  Perhaps I should change the name of the title to “Nipples for All?”


  1. Really?

    That is so odd. . . why is God of War allowed to show nipples but not Age of Conan? It makes no sense to me, might as well aim for the T rating.

  2. For real, this is stupid. I hope the devs find an interesting, unique, and pretty damn naked way to skirt this one–throw it in their faces.

  3. I have to agree with this, if they allow for movies and games rated nc-17 or M, why not for this game. They are bieng hypocrits,I wonder if they can tell from thier pie hole to the hole in the ground sometimtes.

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