Guild Wars 2: PvP or PvE?

Call me biased, but I was under the impression that the hype surrounding Guild Wars 2 was all about its World verse World PvP system. This was the big selling point, the killer feature that would change the MMORPG genre and save us from the horrid existence of theme-park games, but after reading a post on ScaryWorld’s I’m not so sure.

I never even really considered that PvE would be the reason for some people to be excited about GW2. I mean, been there done that, right? Sure PvE is a must have and ArenaNet is adding their own features and flavor to it, but in the end, it’s just more PvE. There’s dozens of other games that have great PvE, but not one triple A title I would consider to have great PvP, with the exception of Eve Online of course.

To be honest, if Guild Wars 2 didn’t have WvsW, I don’t know for sure if I’d even try it out. So how about you? Are you guys excited for PvP (WvW) or the PvE system? and if PvE, why?



  1. Well you have a point there, and at the same time you are missing the entire point about this game. I for one am in it for the wvw. But if classes weren’t balanced around both bolstering everyone up to max level and making gear almost a non-issue, don’t think as much excitement would be there for GW2. Look at Allods Online, which appears to have an interesting end game PvP activity. Yet that requires grinding for 10’s of hours before you even can have any impact. GW2 is setup so your level 1 skills do level 80 damage. You may not have the same amount of skills as someone who has been playing for 100hrs, but those 4 skills you do have will hurt a level 80 player enought omake him think about challengin you.

    So there may be others games with interesting pvp activity, but none that you can join after 5 minutes of tutorial. Of course add to that the really interesting pve (I only do Pve in GW1!) and GW2 offers a double threat to all sub-based MMOs today.

  2. I am in it for the PVE. I enjoy the exploration and fun of finishing quests. However, WoW bores me, the grind. Guild wars 2, with the “Personal” story, a PVE RPG in the midst of a MMORPG.. awesome! The Idea of “gaining” or “Lowering” your levels to play as a companion to your friends that is lower or higher level is just cool. The events, that trigger other events, or decisions that change the event/area/etc… are intrigue. But, the one thing in PVE that i am looking forward to the most. Hidden quests, chests, and more…
    I will try the PVP and WvW will be sweet. However, in my opinion, this is the game for everyone, PVE and PVP.

    [did i mention the awesome dynamic story? big fan of Guild wars 1 and look forward to learning about the yeas between]

  3. From teh vids I’ve seen, the PvE plays close to PvP, in that its very mobile, very active. This is what excited me about the PvE.

  4. Don’t care about pvp at all. Looking forward to try out pve this weekend and then decide if I want to play this game at all. And there aren’t that many good RPGs with both story and gameplay :(

  5. Yeah I don’t care about the PvP at all. I’d use your same argument against you, actually. I don’t get how people find killing the same people, the same way, over and over all day, with no story or change or scenery or anything new…to be interesting. I mean, I know it happens of course. One need only look at the popularity of games like LoL to see that. But it’s not for me. I’ll take the storylines, the changes in scenery, the variety of critters and the character growth that comes from PvE over PvP ANY day.

  6. The hype about WvW is actually a recent phenomenon. Last year it was the structured, small-team, arena PvP that garnered the most attention. But more to the point, GW2, unlike GW1’s original intent, seems to be anchored in it’s PvE content. It is the meat and potatoes of the game while WvW is the delicious desert. There are just too many aspects of the game which cater to the PvE crowd to call this game PvP heavy. Personal story, dynamic events, level scaling, persistent events, georgous graphics, etc…all these things point to a rich PvE experience that does not seem to be anything done as an afterthought. The WvW part of the game (which is one of the biggest selling points for me as well) should be seen as simply as the logical, and highly rewarding, progression of a game that seeks to keep you interested for not just months, but years. I’m a biased fan as you can tell, but ANet would have to do something really wrong to mess up how this game has looked and felt on Utube vids.

  7. What I like about PvP is that it doesn’t need all the stuff PvE needs to be fun, for exemple, pvp only needs:

    – Real objectives (capturing lands, points, forts, small team and huge team based objectives, etc)
    – Rewards (and I’m not talking about the Stuff that makes you stronger)
    – Balanced classes and variety between classes

    Another thing about PvP is that when you fight someone there’s something that PvE can never have: Adaptation. You and your target can adapt to each other. On PvE once you know what the mob does you know what to do and you will do it again and agian against the same mob (Unless there’s a super AI that adapts too).

  8. Variety is the spice of life…. I will be dabbling in both. Why stick to just one genre when there is a whole new wide world with so many possibilities.

    Non stop PvP gets repetitive after a while, Uncompetetive PvE gets boring after a while. Both together should keep me happy for a long long while.

  9. I agree that the pvp is good. but every great mmo needs pve content also. If all you do is pvp a game will get boring really fast, it’s all about the team raids and such that make a game worth playing.

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