Why I’m Excited For TERA

Having played through some of the closed beta phases and last week’s open beta/unofficial head-start, I’m still very much excited for the game. While a bit of reality has set in that TERA won’t be the game that breaks the WoW mold, it is doing some very interesting things that I can’t wait to try out.

I won’t argue that TERA isn’t grindy and its variety of quests are shockly¬†repetitive, but its action-combat system is extremely fun and highly addictive, at least to me, so Saturday’s head-start can’t come sooner. As a ranged DPS class, I always found myself standing in position for PvP fights, mainly because in most MMORPGs you can’t move and attack at the some time. However in TERA, my default attack is so fast, as well as many of my ability skills, that I’m able to constantly move and keep distance against melee classes for the first time, giving me an actual chance of winning a one vs one fight verse melee.

Aside from combat, I’m also excited to see how the Political system plays out as that was not available during any of the betas and won’t be at launch either. The system opens up to players at level 50 and I’m assuming En Masse will wait until a good number of players hit or surpass that level before implementing it.

The political system is built for guilds, so solo-players will find themselves at a huge disadvantage if they choose to remain solo. The way it will work is that Guild Leaders will be nominated for positions, with the winners given lands to control by the way of taxes, controlling¬†specialty¬†shops, teleporters, class trainers and more. With open PvP and Guild vs Guild wars, it’ll be very interesting to see how the Political system fits in.

It’s too bad that guilds currently cannot control lands themselves, perhaps not towns, but maybe smaller outposts or forts to give guilds something to fight over and to call home. Hopefully we’ll see something like that in a future update.

The BAM’s (big ass monsters) and raids are ok, I’ll dabble in those a bit, but really I’m hoping for lots of PvP fueled by intense political campaigns. See you guys on the battlefield.


  1. Thank you for your “Too bad this game is not GW2 post”, this is probably the Least excited “Why I’m Excited” Post. I’ll go ahead and explain Why players should be excited about Tera

    1.) Trinity Reborn- Tera’s combat system takes tanking, healing, and dpsing to the next Level. Tanking is more engaging with the ability to physically block attacks, Boss mobs will actually react to your blocking and try to mix up their strikes, or attack another ally. Smarter AI makes tanking more engaging and challenging. Healers are no longer “sitting in the back” watching the action go by, they are constantly in the mist of the fight landing those life saving heals and dodging and kiting bosses. DPS also get love with target based combat system, no longer do you just press 1,2,11,2, now it takes skill and accuracy to land your damage, and landing positional strikes gives even greater damage bonuses. Plus the ability to dodge makes them less of a issue of needing a healer or tank to baby sit them, and the dungeons fights reflect that.

    2.) Easier grouping- Tera has more opportunities for grouping then ever before. No exp cut means that players can group up and kill monsters from level 1-60. There’s also epic BAM fights spread out for players that want more challenging group content. Last but not least Dungeon Finder is available 20, and Tera has 15+ dungeons at launch making dungeon grinding a wet dream for players.

    Political system IS available at launch, Open World PvP, etc etc.

    There’s a lot of new things that Tera brings to the table, that simply has been ignored in this post.

  2. Your right, the political system will be there at launch, its the battlegrounds that were delayed. My mistake.

    There’s plenty of love for both TERA and GW2 to go around.

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